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Here, , 2016 Californian-born Henry Taylor is a mainstay of LA’s art scene, and this enormous solo portrait, like so many in his catalogue, is rooted in ordinary, lived Black experience.

Its intoxicating central figure, the wide-eyed Deana Lawson, stares unnervingly outward, her red lips parted, eyebrows arched in surprise or recognition, knees bent as she leans forward on a chair.

On top of the white strips, drawn in very faint pencil, are the cartoon faces of funny men—Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton—wearing hats and scarves and bawdy expressions.

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Lawson, a photographer and long time friend of the artist, has been his subject on numerous occasions. This is a wry, sly painting comprised of vertical, twisting stripes (purple, green, white and pink), like a crumpled candy wrapper that’s been flattened out. I craved a travel buddy named Allan in Wales so that I could yell at him, “ALLAN! ” I yelled it at my Scottish buddy (whose name is not Allan) instead. Just because your shoe is falling apart does not mean you should buy new shoes immediately. If you find a way, and then the next day the internet is out at your hostel, you will certainly fear you broke the internet and the police are coming to throw you in jail. Sorry guys, but your ancestors did rape and pillage the entire planet. In the 60s it was apparently possible to buy a farm in Thailand for a bag of tobacco and a machete. “It’s normal,” the Ukrainian woman working at duty free said without a hint of emotion. The word for “out” in Welsh is “allan”, but all the signs are written in both Welsh and English. Freshwater crocs are delightful to hang out with by the lake, while salties will eat you alive. Weddings in Thailand are totally and completely different from in Western cultures. A lot of countries seem to think that street signs aren’t necessary on street. They taste like a piece of burning tobacco on your taste buds.Der amerikanische Ausdruck Milf ist eine Abkürzung für Mom I’d Like to Fuck.Und genau solche Frauen mittleren Alters gibt es in unseren heißen Milf Pornos zu sehen.

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