Access screenupdating

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been transferred from my pathname, lastcell and buildtoc pages.As a worksheet formula, created by Copy, Edit, paste special, Paste link ='## 33 ##'! * [ ] Sheetnames may be up to 31 characters in length.It is split with each user having their own front end. The hardware and server have been replaced a year or two ago.This is a fairly low budget affair, but I am sure there are some tweaks that could be applied.

I have been asked to help out a client with an Access db which was originally started with Access 2000 or similar (mdb format) and it has been added to over the years. It essentially does what is required, but it is incredibly slow, even to open.

I'm trying this code but it doesn't work and gives me an error: Set sht2 = wkb2.

Screen Updating = False Set wkb1 = This Workbook Set wkb2 = Workbooks.

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