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Atlas is all about quality, and having access to people that you’re not having access to on Match or e Harmony.” TO READ MORE STORIES FROM OUR SEX & TECH PACKAGE, CLICK HERE Too tender for Tinder? As founder of the startup, Radafshar won’t necessarily find your lifelong mate, but she will make navigating and succeeding in the online dating world easier. She will help craft messages and responses to potential dates. Radafshar will personally sift through hundreds of profiles, curating half a dozen or so possibilities.Fern helps singles of all ages put their best digital face forward. “Our mission is ‘No bad dates.’”Radafshar offers an a la carte menu of services to singles looking to cut through the cluttered world of online profiles. Formerly a social media specialist with Nike, Radafshar spent the last decade giving this service away to friends and family for free.“Technology has made meeting people so efficient that the grass is always greener on the other side,” Sullivan says.

The site is also home to the Butterfield Cottage, Seaside's first seashore resort, which had become a major tourist attraction of the Pacific Northwest by 1888.

The stumps are only rarely visible, and low tide in winter is the best time to see them. The earthquake was said to be a magnitude 8 or 9 which occured on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 600-mile stretch between Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Cape Mendocino, California.

The stumps of the Ghost Forest have been estimated at approximately 2000 years old, and when they were alive, the trees are thought to have stood 150-200 feet high. From American researchers used carbon dating on the spruce, peat and fossilized plants.

These people represent a slice of the diverse sexualities and relationship statuses of our city.

For all their differences, what they have in common is a sharp perspective on the assets and liabilities of dating in Portland.

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