Advantages of dating an ugly guy

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You don’t have to worry about it getting weird after they profess their love for you! You can go a day without makeup and no one makes a big deal about it.

but the more time you spend with someone the better they start to look to you. He was exceptionally smart, funny and that’s a turn-on for me. After talking with him, loved his humor and overall personality.

People don’t try to be your friend just because of your looks.

Less time gazing in the mirror means more time observing the world around you.

Denise: Yes, he was sooo unattractive, dressed nice though. I think it turned me on too bcuz he was a basketball referee and a smart man overall.

Sure, society wants you to think that being beautiful is the only way to get what you want out of life, but frankly it’s not true. All that energy that you spend fighting off guys can go towards interesting ideas!

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