Andy stanley no dating for a year

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I really appreciate Pastor Andy Stanley's call last month for Christians in America to live like real Christians, and I absolutely agree with him that if we do, in just one year's time the nation would be positively affected.

In other words, if you were to meet the person of your dreams today, can you say with all certainty that they would want you back? I want to be married at a young age and this made me realize that my time as a single person is VITAL to my time as a married person.

But neither of those things happened and I continued to carry the weight of it all every day. A few days ago I was taking a walk with my cousin and she told me about a sermon series she watched called "Love Sex and Dating" by Andy Stanley.

In the series he talks about how we should stop spending so much time waiting to find the right person, and instead focus our energy on becoming the right person.

We all need to make use of our seasons of singleness to invest in our future relationships and marriages.

Welcome to the Your Move with Andy Stanley podcast.

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