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Enter billionaire engineer GIDEON REEVES (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Justin Kirk, “Tyrant,” “Weeds”).

After he witnesses his best friend’s murder, he takes charge of Chicago’s troubled 13 District and reboots it as a technically innovative police force, challenging the district to rethink everything about the way they fight crime.

Newly promoted Murphy gets her first case as a detective when Gideon accompanies her during a ride-along where they run into a pharmacy robbery, and a young girl gets seriously injured.

Gideon modifies police motorcycles to go faster in order to outpace and capture the thief, who happens to be a race car driver by profession.

His partner in crime is police detective Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez), a cop who helps Reeves, with the use of her street smarts and deduction skills.

Together, with the rest of the police force, they tackle everyday problems on the streets of Chicago. Executive producer Trey Callaway pleaded with the online community via Twitter to have fans spread the word and start watching the series final two episodes: A message to the fans of @APBon FOX @Apb Fanclub @Apb Foxwriters #justinkirk @nataliemartinez @Ernie_Hudson @TVAfter Dark @FOXTV #APB #Renew APB pic.twitter.com/xt Kzf OFa3j — Trey Callaway (@Trey Callaway) April 11, 2017 This is not cool, as I am personally a fan of the series.

Gideon knows if he’s going to change anything, he needs help, which he finds from DETECTIVE THERESA MURPHY (Natalie Martinez, “Kingdom,” “Under the Dome”), an ambitious, street-smart cop who is willing to give Gideon’s technological ideas a chance.When they capture one suspect who doesn't give up any information, Gideon redesigns a chair that uses biometric feedback sensors to measure stress levels and tests it in the interrogation room.The jewelry store robbery is discovered to be the first step in a robbery of an armored truck full of money.With the work on PS4 mostly completed we are now aiming to push those fixes out to the XB1 as soon as the fixes pass cert for XB1.The team has also been working with our network provider to mitigate effects of the ongoing DDOS attacks that have been happening since our console soft launch.

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