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Fresh fish from the sea, rice from the fields, aromatic herbs and spices and locally grown fruits and vegetables are just a few of the wonderful ingredients that are enjoyed throughout Thailand.Each region has its own specialties based on locally grown and harvested produce but there are common flavorings and culinary techniques that are used throughout the country eating a wonderfully varied Thai cuisine.In 1965, Hopkinton High School had an orchestra but no marching band, and an annual Little League parade, that had to settle for music provided by a car-mounted record player.By word of mouth, Little League mothers Arlene Conaway (trombone) and June Merrill (bass drum) mustered a band for the parade, and 10 trumpets, 10 drums, and various other instruments, including present co-director Luciele Gaskill (tenor saxophone), turned out.En fin ya sin poder reparar el disco duro probé tratar con modos de instalación de Ubuntu en un Flash Memory.Lo que fui encontrando me daba como resultado un flash memory con la versión live de Ubuntu, eso no me servía pues necesitaba instalar algunas aplicaciones, como el LAMP Server por ejemplo, así que las versiones live del usb arrancable no me servía.

[…] Inter­est­ing arti­cle in the NYTimes last Sun­day (March 4, 2007) about i Tunes being one of the futures of clas­si­cal music.

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I have done numerous predictions for hundreds of people and for this world which mostly came true.

Desde hace una semana atrás me puse en la tarea de intentar instalar Ubuntu en un Equipo portátil, del cual anda defectuoso el lector de CD y el disco duro esta dañado, pero entonces, que podremos hacer?

Bien comencé por tratar de reparar el Disco Duro utilizando ciertas herramientas libres y probé inclusive con dar formato de bajo nivel, pero aparentemente no me funcionó.

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