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In a short statement to the ABC, an ADF spokesman described the organisation as "an alliance-building legal organisation that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith"."Along with our work to defend human rights such as free speech and religious freedom, ADF affirms the good of marriage and the value of strong families around the world, particularly on behalf of children, who flourish when society honours and promotes the roles of both mothers and fathers in children's lives," the statement said.

The group is also strongly opposed to abortion and its website states that there was "more work to be done" to close facilities across the US."Our culture doesn't recognise that all human life is sacred," it stated."This has led to abortion on demand ...

According to the organization Working to Halt Online Abuse, women account for 70 percent of people on the receiving end of online harassment and stalking.

Derek Smalls: I mean, people should be envying us, you know.

For the rest of the summer, I am concentrating on my two new screenplays. ” I also write the “Sex in The News” section for, which keeps me abreast of the current sexual culture and discourse. The two big questions I get on the college lecture circuit are (from the boys), “How can I have sex without dating? What are your thoughts on the idea of aging and staying cool — can they ever go together? Still have the dark hair and the red lips, although they are more of a pinkish/fuchsia these days.

People now are more experimental with BDSM and polyamory. You had such a distinct look in the 90s — bright red lips, barrettes, black hair — how has your personal style evolved?

Hobby Lobby and its supporters argue the case has nothing to do with being anti-sex or anti-woman; it's simply about religious freedom.

Women's rights activists point out that opposition to contraception access is fundamentally about control and brings us back half a century to when women were less able to control the number and spacing of their children — and, as a result, significantly less equal.

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