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While it probably doesn't rank with winning the Heisman Trophy or a national championship, another honor has rolled in for Tim Tebow.

The NFL's most notable self-professed virgin has been named the most eligible Christian bachelor of the year.

In short, we finally have a way to play Wii games in HD without skirting the legally grey terrain of software piracy.

It's a paradox that lies at the heart of Deus Ex: give a player true choice and you ultimately limit their freedom.

That distinction was extended by Christian Partner for Life, an online guide to Christian dating sites, according to the also informs us that a Colorado T-shirt maker is cashing in on the Denver Broncos rookie's squeaky-clean image.

Josh Ludwig, son of the minister and convicted bomber Wiebo Ludwig, is cross-armed and peering across the line dividing the muddy access road we’ve driven to see a CNRL fracking well.

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There's still a little rigmarole in setting up the Dolphin, but there's some handy guides out there to get you started.

As they drive, it’s almost like they’re angry tour guides. “If nobody’s willing to be that voice, we’re all going to continue like blind men, stumbling our way to our own demise.” Josh was eight when his family fled Goderich, Ontario, and moved to northwestern Alberta.

Led by Wiebo, they were looking for space from mainstream society and to get closer to God. Josh was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where Wiebo and his mom, Maimi, had moved from Michigan for Wiebo’s first posting in a church.

Jensen's search for the augmented Black Ops soldiers who broke into Sarif Industries and kidnapped its top researchers six months earlier has brought him to China.

Stowed away on cargo ship registered to the private military contractor, Belltower Associates, he is discovered, stripped of his clothes and weapons and placed in a holding cell deep in the belly of the ship as it steels itself against a storm.

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