Collective dating playscript

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Whether with a cast of actors in a full workshop setting or one-on-one with a dramaturg, our script development models focus on exploration and creative dialogue between artists, away from the pressures of performance outcomes.

This is a perfect opportunity to test a first draft or just a few scenes and interrogate the main landscape of the play with a team of experienced dramaturgs and actors.

The play is now performed repeatedly over the course of five months during every year ending in zero.

102 performances took place from 15 May until 3 October 2010 and is next scheduled for 2020.

We now offer a more tailored approach to the way we support new plays by offering three different development programs: LONGFORM: six months of individual sessions with a PWA dramaturg A longer-term investment in your work.

Selected playwrights will receive up to six months of on-going dramaturgical support from a member of the PWA artistic team or appointed artist.

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