Cuttino mobley and nia long dating eva marcille dating now

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Her earliest role was in the Disney television movie, The B. Jada Pinkett Smith was originally supposed to play Lisa, but was too short for the role (opposite a 6'2" Will Smith), thus leaving Nia to take the part.In 2000, Long was offered the role of Alex Munday in Charlie's Angels, but she turned it down, and the role was eventually given to Lucy Liu.Long also starred in Big Shots from 2007–2008 alongside Michael Vartan and Dylan Mc Dermott.

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Eva Pigford did not walk in on Henry and a guy and he met Michelle Williams ONCE! HE'S VERY VERY HANDSOME MAY I ADD AND HOMEGIRL IS DOING THE DAMN THING! BEING THAT HE IS 24, AGE AIN'T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER AS LONG AS HE FITS YOUR CRITERIA AND LIKINGS IN A MAN, THEN GO FOR IT. Michelle in the blogs today and Kelly R in the blogs yesterday.. I guess I should be waiting for the next DC chick to pop up..I aint crazy I aint going to say hear name.Can somebody please tell me what movie or tv show he's from..another note congrads to both[/quote] He starred in the movie Pride with Terrance Howard and Bernie Mac Henry met Michelle all of 5 minutes when he met her backstage during the Color Purple. I am happy to hear that Michele is in a play and has a good looking boyfriend.they are NOT, hear me NOT dating, and no where close to marriage and kids. And now if Kelly Rowland sells a million records they can break that Destinys Child curse someone mentioned.You start to focus more on if he's treating you with kindness and respect. You start to focus more on if he's treating you with kindness and respect. My 50 cents on Michelle and Henry they seem to be going fast but r we shocked afterall when he was dating Eva Pigford he proposed to her real quick he seems clingy to me though am sure if he were not a celebrity being at all of her shows will be considered stalkerish.... Henry is a cute but is it me or does he always rumored to be engaged to whomever he's dating?Just sayin I diggin the michelle thing, and I love Nia, but um... I'm not trying to be judgemental, but does Nia know who she is? After he split from his newcaster ex-wife he was engaged to another chick that he dated. STEP YOUR GAME UP IMMEDIATELY.[/quote] why don't u step your game up and get your own blog.

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