Dads against daughters dating democrats

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It was way too small, contacted customer service and they said that shirt runs small and asked what size I thought she'd need. No hassle, don't even have to send the old shirt back.

Got a great idea for the next Iron Horse Helmet T-shirt, send it to us - we won't give ya nothing for it, but we might use it and will be sure to take all the credit for it.

His articles have also appeared on several other print and online news sources, including The Washington Times, New York Times, Big, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, NRA News, American Hunter and ABC News, and he has been a guest on both major television news programs and nationally syndicated radio shows across the nation.

I have ordered a few items from Teespring and have never had any problems with payment or shipping.

Yes, we realize that some of you are no longer a fit and trim size 44 chest, so we're offering our awesome shirts in sizes up to triple XL.

Choose your color, choose your size, choose your quantity.

When in Ithaca, walk the parking lot at Wegman’s and enjoy those that are “screaming to be heard” via bumper stickers.

These tee shirts are available in eight different colors and seven (got that, SEVEN) sizes.

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