Dating a franchi shotgun

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One of the best sellers is the Alcione, a model that has been made by Franchi for many years, but which, thanks to Beretta’s influence, has seen a number of worthwhile design changes.That said, it is still remarkably similar to the models that were made in the 70s.More than 60 years ago, Franchi began manufacturing the long-recoil 48 AL, hailed as an innovation in shotgun technology, and the ultimate refinement of long-recoil autoloaders.The next development was in the direction of gas-operated semi-autos, and the current modernization trend includes the incorporation of the Inertia Driven® system to drive the latest generation of Franchi semi-automatic shotguns.As you will note from the pictures the reciever serial number is 1141821 dating it from 1948, both barrles are marked Y1141821.This is highly unususal, I have never seen one like this.

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Being at the lower end of the price range, the Alcione rarely had what could be called pretty wood, but this has changed totally.

Franchi shotguns are quality firearms that meet today’s demanding standards without compromising the original ideas and concepts that make Franchi firearms unique.

Combining cutting‑edge modern manufacturing methods and technology with Old-World gun craftsmanship, has enabled Franchi to create sets of shotguns that are amazingly simple, yet absolutely reliable.

This warranty applies only if the firearm was purchased from an authorized dealer in the United States.

You do not need to register your firearm (online or warranty card) to be covered by the warranty.

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