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Our clients are current and former career people aged 45-75.Dinner for Two offers multi-tiered membership to suit individual preferences.All our members have been interviewed and vetted, including the extra security of a police check.Are you searching for a close, long lasting relationship with the right person?In today’s high pressured social environment, it can seem impossible for the professional woman to take the time to meet like-minded men …discerning men who they know to be genuinely seeking to share life in a great relationship.While business meetings and events may often bring potentially compatible men and women together, the circumstances can prevent us from revealing our availability and interest in a personal relationship.For most people looking to date and find a relationship, this is great as it means more opportunities to meet and mingle! Going on dates with different people will no doubt be fun and interesting.But at some point you will realize that you want something other than just continuous first dates.

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This allows us to understand your characteristics and tailor our partner suggestions to ensure that you're matched with Adelaide singles who are likely to suit you.These are the sort of innate qualities that dictate who you are, so changing them to fit in with a partner is ill-advised and cracks will inevitably begin to show further down the line.Instead it’s better to look for someone who truly complements you – who can see you, love you and accept you for who you really are.You will want dates that have the potential to become something even more.Dates where you both get along so well that you can’t wait until the next date to pick up where you left off. Goosebumps and butterflies come from compatibility, which can be difficult to determine via traditional dating methods – it’s born out of deep-rooted congruency on life goals, values and personality traits.

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