Dating my remington 700 updating clob data

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They continued to mark the date code on the end flap of the shipping box.They resumed stamping the date code on the barrel on 10/1/01. It says it does, but I find no codes stamped on my barrel that look like what's described here.For shotguns with removeable barrels, the code will be valid for the manufacture of the barrel; maybe for the receiver, as barrels do get switched around.

Some of us also might be to help if you tell us about some of the features, model, if it has sights on it or not, grade of wood, if the bolt stays locked when the safety is on or not, etc. I know that might be alot of usless info but I know sometime the littlest thing can date a gun. The easiest way that I know of is to just call remington. You tell them what the seriel is, and they'll tell you when it was made. All are examples made by Dominion Cartridge Company, headstamped "D".However, .22 box collectors feel the most interesting aspect of collecting .22 cartridges is their packaging. The box lid is only about one half the height as the box bottom.

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