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So you can see the original discovery, I’ve put an asterisk (*) by the bottles that were originally part of the “Evanston Garage Find.” Spending time with these bottles inspired me to be sensitive to the evolution of logo and trademark graphic design.I soon started collecting all sorts of examples of packaging, from Lucky Strike cigarette packs to Campbell’s Soup cans and other mainstream brand name products that showed a clear genesis of evolution.(When I was a kid, my dad also gave me an old Coca-Cola bottle that helped trigger what ended up being an collecting obsession.) After finding the vintage bottles in the Evanston garage, I set out to find examples of as many design and label variations as I could.In the 1970s, resale, junk, and “antique” stores had plenty of them available for next to nothing, and I grabbed them up at every opportunity.In England, during the same time period, a bottle called the torpedo shape bottle (circa 1800-1900), made of stoneware, was being used for carbonated waters.The shape of the bottle, believed to have been invented by Nicholas Paul a partner of Jacob Schweppe, resembled an egg with a round base.I grew up drinking Orange Crush and hearing my mom tell stories of how it used to come in brown bottles, supposedly to protect the flavor.But by the time I was a kid, those days were long gone, and Crush’s bottles were clear.

In the late 1830s, a Frenchman living in the United States named Eugene Roussel, perfected and introduced the first soda waters flavored with prepared syrups instead of flavoring them with fruit juices.Among the categories that have robust collectors’ markets…Historic glass whiskey flasks from the early-to-mid-1800s are extremely desirable collectibles.I asked one of the guys responsible for the demolition if I could have the bottles.“If you can cart ’em outta there, you can have ’em,” he told me.

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