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Although we were working with guitar strings already, they weren’t anywhere near a guitar.Instead, we were using them as convenient test subjects in our attempt to develop a better variety of push-pull cable.If you've never met Russian women personally and know only general facts about them, then your idea about these ladies must be pretty vague.

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The road to that mythic destination, of course, was littered with the rubble of previous attempts to do just that.

(Picture a guitar strung with day-old spaghetti.) Still, the mere idea got a couple of guitarists among us thinking…

What if we could alter the coating and tinker with the process so the strings sounded great?

Performance view turns the Touch Bar into a simple one-octave musical keyboard for playing and recording software instruments. Varispeed lets you slow down or speed up an entire project, so you can try your song at different tempos or temporarily slow it down long enough to nail a particularly difficult solo.

Logic Pro is built around an elegant, single-window interface where editors, file browsers, toolbars, and sound controls can be easily brought in and out of view as needed. With region-based automation, your automated changes are now embedded within any region, so you can repeat or loop them with all those swirling, sweeping, twisting effect parameters going along for the ride.

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