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[Post #4 of 4] Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a series of short tutorials covering how to get more useful insights from your blog analytics, and improve your content stats workflow.Many of these tips are pertinent to things that Filament Pro monitors for you out-of-the-box, but the beauty of metrics are that the math is the same, no matter which tool you use to track them – so hopefully you’ll find this series useful in your day-to-day!Near the bottom of the list, referrers constantly rise onto or drop off of the list, so the totals for those referrers are approximations.The 25 referrers at the top of the list of 75 referrers may rise and fall within the list, but they rarely drop off of the list altogether, so the totals for those referrers typically are more reliable.

In this article: In Microsoft Share Point Server 2010, the Web Analytics service application enables you to collect, report, and analyze the usage and effectiveness of your Share Point Server 2010 sites.Data for the Top Referrers report is drawn from the same source as Cloud Front access logs.To get an accurate count of the top 25 referrers, Cloud Front counts the requests for all of your objects in 10-minute intervals and keeps a running total of the top 75 referrers.The reporting feature lets an administrator create reports that can be used to understand what users are doing and how they are using a site.There are three areas of Web Analytics reports available: Traffic, Search, and Inventory.

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