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Linda Kaye Love Psychic Medium and Dream Coach Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You Last night, I programmed my dreams with my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels.I thanked them for the heart wall healing I had from my Emotions Code Practitioner, Kathy Waits, for releasing my heart walls, because all my angels were there during the heart wall healing .This ensures that all of your questions, concerns and issues are addressed – so please do bring your questions! I want to thank you so much for holding a higher vision of me.If you are needing authentic intuitive guidance from a trustworthy source regarding issues you are currently facing in your life, a confirmation on choices and decisions you are trying to make or if you are looking for support as you walk your path of Light, then a psychic reading with clairvoyant Dr. I have lived for a year with the feeling and belief that I don’t have a purpose. Rita Louise’s medical intuition, psychic readings, intuitive counseling and spiritual energy healing services are offered in person, by phone or over Skype.

Click here to visit Kathy Waits’ Emotion Code Facebook Page. In the dream, I was at some kind of family gathering , and their mother was there from Italy. The dog absolutely loved me, and he was constantly licking me and wanting to be near me. I called my brother, and we started out having a descent conversation.

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This is one of the most common questions I am asked. Last time I checked; they had phones at all those locations. even if it is a 30 second call to say he is thinking of you. If it is early in a relationship and a man has stopped calling, pick up the pieces; learn from the experience and move on.

Don’t invest the energy in someone who isn’t interested in you. If a women is involved with a man and talks to him daily for a week or two she feels they are connecting and she begins to open to him. Advanced Certification in Thought Field Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I sincerely do my best to provideeach caller with my complete attention and the very best of my psychic abilities.

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