Dating welsh men

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I honestly have no idea as to why this is the case — but it is."2. Seems questionable, but we'll take his word for it."An American woman deserves to be treated like a real princess, and British guys know a lot more about royalty than their American counterparts. So really, Brits come far more qualified for the job."3. Though Refined, British Men are Also Rugged Ben thinks that all of that superfluous padding in American football is for babies. But it does beg the question—which one would you rather have protecting you in a dark alley? British Men Love American Women In order to impress a British man, all you have to do is show up and be yourself ...

But just as the women begin to groan at the male self-pity, Molly Parkin, author of raunchy novels and magazine agony aunt, jumped to the men's defence.

They may have the chat-up down to a tee and the rugby muscles to attract the girls. It seems self-esteem as well as passionate prowess is a problem.

But once in the throes of passion, Welshmen are more like donkeys than stallions. A poll to mark National Men's Health Week shows men in Wales have the highest rate in Britain for thinking they are failures between the sheets.

Molly, from Pontycymmer, told The Mirror: "I'd put the Welsh right up at the top of men who are good in bed. I doubt the women would say 88 per cent of them are failures in bed. " On the streets of Cardiff yesterday, we discovered that the woman are not sniggering about men's poor performances.

"I've found Welsh lovers to be as good as French or Italians. Air hostess Katherine Mann, 24, said: "It's nice that Welsh men are a bit modest.

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