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And though I know everyone can have their breakout moment, how stable is that aspiring acting/rapping/photography/cinematography career? The guys that are just looking for “friends” or were allegedly bored and decided to sign up to see what’s good can go away too. Let’s start at 0 and work our way forward, shall we? The types of profile photos and ‘clever’ profile descriptions are all alarms that are set off mentally. For an example, men with professional head shots tell me that he is interested and/or pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. I might have watched too many episodes of Shark Tank but that tells you I’m no fool. I think traveling is great, wonderful even, but did you go there to enjoy the culture or to show everyone you have a passport? We’re all hustling and trying to become that next mogul or whatever, but what pays the bills? I mean, did everyone buy that 0 round-trip ticket to Abu Dhabi? In this interview Adam Force shares the systems, tools and steps he took to launch Change Creator, his digital magazine.This interview is full of valuable, in-the-trenches tips that will save you a ton of time and money! I don’t care if that baby in your photo was your godchild or niece (which, why is a minor in your photo anyway? And I understand that men can be married and divorced by 30.

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Plus he’s an Instagram ninja and in this interview he reveals how he is using Instagram to generate 200 leads per day.

Links: Check out Foundr Magazine: Nathan’s Crowdfunding Campaign: Nathan’s Recommendations: Publishing software: Magazine publishing consulting: Instagram research tool: Transcription Summary: Launching a digital magazine can be a powerful way to expand your audience and profits.

By the way, Perry just started using Twitter about 3 months ago!

And don't worry, Perry will not be selling anything...

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