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She told Tim the news while he was sitting in the bleachers with his friends. Google his account of the first time Black Dice played his basement. Olson is tied up, I’d be more than happy to read Elisa Ambrogio’s [from Magik Markers] thoughts on literally anything… with a cinnamon crust and Tabasco filling with shards of glass sprinkled on top. DM—Jimmy Ruffin’s What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.In March 2008 guitarist Derek Miller, formerly of Florida hardcore band Poison the Well, moved to Brooklyn to find his fortune and took a job as a waiter. It seems like a lot of what you guys are trying to do is work current pop into a more art-rock framework—stuff that sounds a lot like the Top 40, which is the antithesis of underground music and hardcore punk, where you come from. Miller: I think it's just we're both big fans of pop and Top 40 from any decade, you know what I mean? There's a Cathy Dennis single, "Too Many Walls," that I always go back to. AK—1) What are you thinking when you look at your butt after you emit flatulent gases? Ted had his best friend call me after school to break up with me over the phone. When I was a young man my family and I visited the Mc Ilhenny factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, though I don’t remember very much. Please don’t forget to include filling and frosting.Probably karma, considering six months earlier I sent my friend into a school basketball game to break up with a previous boyfriend – let’s say his name was Tim – so I could start dating Ted. AK—Fish tacos and Caribbean blue (which is apparently also the title of an Enya song). We sat in a small projection room where they screened a film on the aging process of their sauce. DM—I’m gonna go with honest John Olson of Wolf Eyes fame. DM—Rainbow-colored frosting consisting of the following flavors: blood-red cherry, purple upside-down snake, yellow fever, Prussian blue, and grasshopper green… I use Belinda Carlisle's solo career as reference a lot. It wasn't like, "Oh, these are disparate elements, aren't we clever? In terms of vocals, I worked a long time in pop music, so it's sort of the natural way I like to sing.

ALEXIS KRAUSS—Sparkly neon leopard-print with rainbow unicorns, sprinkles, and blood splatter. I was in so much pain that the lifeguards had to carry me up the beach to the first aid building.

It was kind of late, and Alexis and her mother were at a table that I was waiting on. I told her that I was looking for a female vocalist, and Alexis was standing right there and was like, "Oh, shit. Which, I guess, you could describe all music as rhythmic.

And Alexis's mom, she's really friendly and very talkative—so, we just sort of started talking.

I think a lot of people are bitter about that, but I never really cared. I read Pitchfork, and I read the like anyone; some of the stuff is real interesting.

It’s been seven years since we first heard from Sleigh Bells and now the kickass duo are back and more energized than ever before to make their best album yet.

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