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Abrams teams with producer Steven Spielberg for this period sci-fi thriller set in the late '70s, and centering on a mysterious train crash in a small Ohio town.

Many palaeontologists believe that all non-avian dinosaurs disappeared almost 66 million years ago - after debris from the meteorite blocked out the sun and caused extreme climate conditions, killing vegetation worldwide.

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U-Pb and Pb isotopic measurements of cassiterite from the ∼200 Ma tin deposits of Belitung, Indonesia, and ∼2100 Ma Zaaiplaats deposit in South Africa demonstrate that cassiterite can be used to directly date mineral deposits, rather than associated minerals such as zircon and rutile.

In the absence of these, we propose that their extinction was possibly the result of long-term demographic and genetic declines associated with an isolated island population.

Stegodons (Stegodontidae: Proboscidea) were a widespread and diverse family of proboscideans dating from the late Miocene to the Late Pleistocene of Africa and Asia.

To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here. Read more…Welcome to Dating, a fun and sociable place to meet new people you’d like to go out with.We are the site that helps you take dating at your own pace.We love bringing singles together in one place, which is why we provide lots of spontaneous ways to get to know each other.The uranium atoms in bone decay spontaneously to lead over time and, once fossilisation is complete, the uranium-lead "clock" starts ticking.By measuring the radioactive decay it is possible to establish accurately the age of the hadrosaur, a giant plant eating dinosaur with a platypus-like bill.

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