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When I add or change an item, the dropbox icon shows no activity, but the sync preference pane indicates a sync is occurring (ie "Last synced: 1 min ago"). I've rebooted, and so far, it is still syncing, so that's a much better situation.I erased my data in 1Password for i OS on i Phone and setup sync again. However, I've noticed that the sync with Dropbox the i Phone will frequently hang.Check the box next to the ones you want and they will sync to your computer. This usually works fine - but sometimes I find that the file does not get updated on my windows7 PC. I edit the file on my Windows XP machine, then go to my Windows 7 PC and see that there is a previous, old, datestamp on the file and sure enough if I open up the file to have a look, I see that the latest edits are not included.This happened most recently when a video being shared between myself and several coworkers needed to be re-rendered and replaced.

This article is a collection of common solutions for syncing problems.We have a pretty good app for Windows 10 allowing you to access your files, but it doesn't allow you to sync them to your PC.For Dropbox syncing you'll need to install the desktop sync app first. Run the Dropbox Installer and follow all necessary instructions.If I hover the mouse over the Dropbox icon I get the tooltip "All files up to date"[email protected] West is correct in the install version of Dropbox, and you may have to update the software to reduce software errors.

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