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For example, "&node[field_date][und][0][value][year]=2013", works for a ' Date' field type that uses a ' Select list' widget and a ' Year' granularity.j Drupal: Be sure to check out j Drupal for an easy to use Java Script Library to communicate with Drupal Services. Currently i'm using drupal 7.29,services 3.5,phonegap 3.1,jquery 1.9.1,jquery mobile 1.3.2 . Be sure to check out Drupal Gap, it takes care of login for you ;) At this point Drupal Gap is only designed to work with Phone Gap 2.9.0 Stop by #drupal-drupalgap on IRC to chat futher. to develop an application that creates nodes for a mapping site, thanks for the awesome work.Check the modules used on Drupal SN and see which Drupal SN modules are available to download.allows you to create new node types and add all sorts of fields.This document describes how to read/write entities to/from Drupal using the Services module. Im having issues now using the node creation script to push dates and a digit(unique id) to a drupal site. In addition I add an action in my resource, but if I test it sends nothing.It also covers how to handle session authentication. List, then click 'Edit Resources' next to your Service. The code im using to create the node is below and im currently testing everything in chromium browser: The site has specified ISO date format and it is marked as required. Hey, I started development in drupal for about two months.Adorable polite as asked and fixed it reflects the opinions of all are genuine.

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pathauto is an extension of the core path module which allows your Drupal site to create clean friendly URLs, this is also great for creating user URLs like user/thomjjames for user profiles.

Hi Tyler,firs of all thanks for your tutorial about drupal services with phonegap. So anonymous users making the login call don't need to pass along the token.

However I don't how to use it in a url like your example I hope you can help me. From my understanding, the CSRF token is only needed for authenticated users.

Thanks :) it depends on the field widget how you submit your values for the service.

For instance when you have a date field (datetime) with a select/dropdown widget, the form of the value should be the following: @30equals, your answer helped me determine what values to send via a URL data string, thanks!

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