Filing consolidating corporate papers

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Please see IRS Publication 536 at gov for further details. Is a copy of a corporation's federal income tax return (Form 1120, 1120A or 1120S) required to be attached to the Delaware corporate return? Please note, most non-profit organizations are required to file an annual report with the Delaware Division of Corporations. What are the corporate income tax filing requirements for a holding company? Corporations whose activities in Delaware are limited to the maintenance and management of their intangible investments may be exempt under Section 1902(b)(8), Title 30, Delaware Code.

Corporations may obtain a specific ruling from the Division of Revenue by submitting an Application of Exemption, Form 1902AP, describing their operations and stating the grounds for the exemption under Section 1902(b)(8). Does Delaware accept filing of corporate income tax return information through electronic data or magnetic media? No, Delaware currently does not accept the filing of corporate income tax return information through electronic data or magnetic media.

Those corporations with million or more in total assets and that file 250 or more returns a year are required to electronically file their Form 1120, 1120S, and 1120-F.

All returns filed by a corporation or members of a controlled group of corporations during the calendar year are counted.

Written by recognized industry experts, the Library offers comprehensive guidance on complicated issues and incorporates numerous examples and practice aids to help you understand the rules governing income taxation of consolidated groups.

Report withheld tax on payments or distributions made to nonresident alien individuals, foreign partnerships, or foreign corporations to the extent these payments or distributions constitute gross income from sources within the United States that is not effectively connected with a U. For the first year a subsidiary corporation is being included in a consolidated return, attach this form to the parent's consolidated return.

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515, Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Entities.

The corporation filing the consolidated return is deemed to have met the 250-return threshold because: The S corporation with 300 employees meets the 250-return threshold.

Generally, affiliated groups may elect to file consolidated returns in lieu of separate returns.

In the case of a fiscal year taxpayer, the return is due on or before the first day of the fourth month following the close of the fiscal year. Each corporation which is a member of a consolidated group must file a separate return reporting income and deductions, as if a separate Federal income tax return was filed. Payments are based on the non-residents' share of the distributive income of the corporation.

Please note a federal extension automatically extends the Delaware due date. Resident and non-resident shareholders must report their respective share of S distributive income on their individual personal income tax returns. Does Delaware permit the carry back of a net operating loss (NOL)? Delaware permits businesses who have a net operating loss in one year to carry back no more than ,000 for each of the prior 2 years in order to offset any profit. The amount of the net operating loss recognized for Delaware corporate income tax purposes is only to the extent of the amount recognized for Federal purposes.

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