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All except two present were women, and another 51 people had been rescued, he added.

Bettenty lies in the Saloum delta where such boats, known as pirogues, are often used for travelling between the mangroves and from one islet to another.

Although dress in the beach hotels is very informal, ladies should avoid wearing bikinis or going out topless outside the grounds of the hotels or beaches.

A modest dress code is advised in all public places and you should preferably at least wear a sarong or other wrap that comes down to your knees and cover your top half at least up to the elbows though there is no need to cover you head.

The country's official tourism website offers an intoxicating sequence of holiday images - platters of seafood, freshly squeezed juices, palm-thatched huts and smiling locals wearing colourful textiles.

Take along lightweight woollen jumpers or a jacket for the cool evenings during the months of November to March.

The boat capsized as the women were on their way to look for seafood, and the incident occurred in a coastal area well known for delicacies like oysters, where tourists flock in large numbers.

The second incident took place on Monday night in the River Gambia, the waterway which splices tiny Gambia almost into two, said police spokesman Foday Conta in Banjul.

In the hotels' resorts and beaches you can wear a bikini as this is acceptable but not out and about in public. One interesting point of note is that whereas European men find the exposure of the female breasts provocative it is much less so in Gambia.

That doesn't mean to say women walk around topless though it is not uncommon to see a topless woman working uncovered in a village setting for example.

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