Intimidating basketball chants

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(Jonathan Miano/The Times via AP) The first incident occurred in Indiana and involved a basketball game between two Catholic schools, Bishop Noll and Andrean.

(As a graduate of a Catholic high school, Mother Seton Regional, Sister Margaret Irene or Sister Regina would have silenced this stuff with a single glance.

Ted Cruz, this after attacking Cruz for, among other things, flip-flopping on immigration issues.

However, Perry players, who moved to 13-9 after defeating Dallas Center-Grimes, 57-50, say they won’t be intimidated by the taunts.

"We are all aware of racism, it's alive and well in small portions but it's alive and well and it's just hurtful to see that's what they resort to,” said Kevin Lopez, Perry Student Section Leader. But the Blue Jays have found a way to turn the other cheek and turn it into motivation.

Chants like “Trump, Trump, Trump” and "USA" were said. “As soon as I hear something like that, it just triggers me and it makes me strive for more and to do it for my team, coaches and my community,” Ivory said.

But that diversity isn't being celebrated by everyone.

At Monday night’s game against Dallas Center-Grimes, opposing fans used Trump’s disdain for illegal immigrants to target several players of Latino descent. “We had an Instagram issue two weeks ago with a conference school, and I’ll say the school administrators took care of it very well,” Marburger said.

Watson said the Trump chants came from 10 to 15 individuals of the 100- to 120-member student section.

Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League Director Tim O'Malley received an email from one parent, Nichole Cragette, who felt that the incident was not handled properly.

From the moment Donald Trump announced his presidential bid in June, he has used antipathy toward illegal immigrants as a mainstay of his campaign. Everywhere I go,” Shammond Ivory, a senior on the team, told WHO.

I am not sure whether to be impressed teenagers are paying any attention to national politics or depressed over the decline of civility in sports.

In recent athletic contests in two states, students taunted opponents from schools with higher Latino-American enrollment either by chanting “Trump, Trump” or holding up a poster of the Republican presidential candidate and yelling “Build the wall.” On Friday, Andrean High School students held up a picture of Donald Trump during a basketball game against Bishop Noll in Merrillville, Ind., and shouted “build a wall” at their opponents, a heavily Hispanic school.

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