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I’m not trying to by making assumptions about your English vocabulary; I’ll be doing my best to pick out a few English words that aren’t heard that often in normal daily conversations or in media.Now, please read the following five English words with the corresponding explanations and try to do your best to memorize those words and their meanings: Detrimental – causing damage, harm or injury.I’ve been discussing it on my blog and in my videos quite a lot, but I’ve never actually certain examples to show you the effectiveness of learning new English words through context. It’s very important you participate in this because if you don’t, you won’t be able to feel the difference between learning new vocabulary with and without context, so please follow my instructions, all right?😉 Basically you’ll have to make effort to memorize a few quite sophisticated English adjectives but in case you know a few or even all of those words, please don’t be offended!recently tweeted the chart below, which was created by National Public Radio. (See the original and some additional notes here.) The chart shows who holds the .8 trillion of U. Untenable – being such that defense or maintenance is impossible.Precarious – dangerously lacking in security or stability. Adverse – opposite to one’s interests or welfare; harmful or unfavorable.

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