Intimidating women pics

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In 2004 Hirsi Ali wrote the script for Submission, a ten minute film by Dutch director Theo Van Gogh which told the story of violence against women in Islamic society and how the Koran is used to justify it.As a result of the film’s broadcast on Dutch television, Van Gogh was brutally murdered and Hirsi Ali’s own life was under threat, forcing her to live under the constant protection of the Dutch security services.Controversial Dutch Somali feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has sacrificed her life for the freedom to speak out.As a vehement critic of Islam, the religion she used to adhere to, Hirsi Ali provoked a storm of anger among Muslims around the world for her forthright views, including the claim that Islam is a “backward religion” and her open condemnation of the prophet Mohammed.

After earning a degree in political science she served as an elected member of the Dutch parliament for three years becoming an active critic of Islam, an advocate for women’s rights and a leader in the campaign to reform Islam.

At my most skeptical, I’ve wondered whether “he’s intimidated by you” is the female equivalent of “you’re in her friendzone,” a ego-coddling excuse for romantic failure that deflects blame from the brokenhearted.

After all, I know so many women who are the “alpha” in their relationships, and so many men who find female power sexy.

Since becoming a permanent resident of the United States, Hirsi Ali has been forced to personally finance her own protection.

Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and raised a devout Muslim.

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