Iranian girl photo album

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During this time, she began other projects focusing on art using photography as well as social documentary.

Tavakolian’s photographs became more artistic and involved social commentary.

Though the country's restrictions on women are some of the most severe in the world, Iranian women are far from the weak, helpless creatures the Islamic Republic seems to consider them.

Sports, and martial arts in particular, apparently including ninjutsu, are a way for Iranian women to express the strength and self-empowerment that the state has tried and failed to deny them.

Iranians vote in the twelfth presidential election on May 19, 2017 in the city of Qom, south of the capital Tehran, Iran.

The protests, small at first, began on the day of the forced closure of a moderate and progressive newspaper, Salam.

Away from politics and the intense debate of the Iran provisional nuclear agreement, here is some of my collection of photos from my visit to this fascinating country.

This prompted Tavakolian to take her photography in a new direction as she feared she might "inadvertently endanger" someone.

She had to go on hiatus from her photojournalist work following the "chaos" of Iran’s presidential election in 2009.

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