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Jinyoung especially is someone who feels a lot of emotion whether it be when he’s writing songs or hanging with his friends and an INFJ type would really balance well with him! They like being around others and are quite extroverted, which could possibly bring you out of your comfort zone.

They would probably struggle a bit more with dealing with your polar opposite personality but would certainly try their best! *Most Likely Eunwoo Moonbin Sanha MJRocky Jin Jin Least Likely Eunwoo/Moonbin seem like the type to be really open when it comes to age.

But, as dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan points out, this kind of daydreaming can also result in a one-sided relationship rooted in hopeful fantasies rather than reality.

JB I think the first four wouldn’t mind dating an European girl, like they’d be interested in the culture and they can communicate with them and for non-English speaking members they can practice their English.

They’re both the type of people to enjoy being quite taller than their significant other and would find it really sweet!

Jinyoung & Gongchan don’t really have a preference!

"If a man [or woman] is genuinely interested in you, he [or she] will make time to see you," she writes.

"The truth is that there are men who enjoy just texting women, and they're probably conversing with several along with you.

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