Net invalidating

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Here is a sample implementation: Anti Fixation.asp: NOTE: In an enterprise deployment, consider the use of a COM wrapper object that invokes a cryptographically secure random number generator in favor of the VBScript Rnd function.

In most cases, simply discarding any existing session is sufficient to force the framework to issue a new sessionid cookie, with a new value.

Data Tables holds cached information about the contents of each cell in the table to increase performance of table operations such as ordering and searching.

If you were to modify the contents of a cell (for DOM data source tables) or the array / object values (for Ajax / JS source tables) Data Tables wouldn't know that this has happened.

Warning Each Cloud Front invalidation request can only specify up to 1000 paths.

If you need to invalidate more than 1000 paths you will need to split up the paths into groups of 1000 or less and create multiple invalidation requests.

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