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Whenever I have a cold or flu, it always seems to hit my brain first, then moved to other parts of the body once that fog clears.

I’m coming up with stuff like “She’s a slice of Americana” and -this is a quote from a blogger – “She’s the Martha Stewart of Trans Porn”.My first outfit was very much in keeping with the Burlesque Showgirl image I’ve got, amongst many of my personas.I had the best night stripping and dancing than I ever had before, and the little windfall gave me some breathing room this week to really try to wrap up some projects having to do with upcoming shoots.So the first of a couple of shoots I did in Vegas just went up on my site.Sorry I’m only now getting around to posting it, I’ve been sick as hell all February. For a couple days I was in a horrible twisted nightmare of a fever dream like laying awake in a pool of sweat smelling like ibuprofren, you mind going round in roundin circles, praying for death.

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