Overcoming dating shyness

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However, for some it can 'stick', and then action is required.

It is my personal opinion that social phobia is too often diagnosed where people are simply experiencing natural shyness.

Normally I keep any of the dating and relationship advice on a separate site but I felt like it was time we at least took a look at social anxiety and dating. A part of helping you see how to overcome social anxiety to sort this part of the problem out too.

In fact it’s not really going to be a guide because there’s no real blueprint for point A (being social anxious and not wanting to talk or make eye contact with people) to point B (on a date) from the shyness and social anxiety perspective.

And for some, shyness seems to persist into adult life, almost as if it has become a 'habit'.

Shyness has its roots in self consciousness and usually dissipates as people mature and become more experienced.

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