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Kelly is reportedly pulling in a cool million while Paulina is getting 1.5 million.

Meanwhile, second season judge ; Demi Lovato ;is making about 2 million dollars for doling out advice. Nah, the Texas cutie was paid between ,000 and ,000 for his stint on the rose-doling show.

While he says it was only once, she says it was four or five times.

Ramona also says he invited her over to “play Backgammon.” Carole couldn’t stop laughing.

The former Danity Kane singer and Travis have had a contentious relationship for months but have been trying to patch things up on the reality show A sexy selfie is nothing unusual to see on Aubrey’s Instagram page, but the caption on her June 10 post certainly got people’s attention. Of course she may also have been trying to remind the former boy bander, just what he was missing out on by featuring her hot bod in a very revealing one piece that showcases all of her ample curves.

“I’m not ready to get married because you don’t respect me,” Travis told Aubrey on the show.

They were even sleeping together shortly before Tom started dating Lu Ann..

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That scout does it in such a way that the girls are not forced into anything shady or put them in danger in anyway. The material contradicts the theme of the Documentary.

Heck, even daughter North West is estimated to make at least ,000 an episode!

; Meanwhile, Kourtney supposedly makes around ,000, while Khloe makes about ,000. Show host Carson Daly reportedly ;rakes in K an episode, and that's the low end!

“It makes it impossible for me to trust you completely, and I would like for you to be less selfish, too.” To which Aubrey shot back; “He’s jealous and he creates conflict, hour after hour.” But Travis cuts her off; “It’s not attractive when a woman tells you she’s gonna f–k someone else,” he says, as the room collectively gasps.

No wonder they couldn’t even make it through the full season as a couple!

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