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In one scene there is a poster for The Phantom of the Opera behind Homer.Also, Marge is worried about a disaster happening while Homer is performing, so Chief Wiggum informs her that they have pre-crashed the chandelier.

Basically, the code will only create a patch from one spreadsheet, but the amount of dialogue in this game requires me to have 3 spreadsheets worth of translation, so the code will only patch roughly 1/3 of the game at present, even though I’ve translated much more than that.I am working on Philip sand would say I’m about half done with them. We’re still experiencing errors when we try to save or load the game.Quick Save and Quick Load work, but straight up ‘save’ and ‘load’ cause the game to crash.Several months ago, she'd joined a chatroom called Classically Fanatic; an online community for classical music enthusiasts.Most of the posts were insufferably intellectualized discussions of dead, white composers and flaming critiques of various symphonies and conductors.

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