Pippa dating hogwarts heir

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Percy calls home, and attended the Remembrance Day festivities with her man and his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

Percy, 27, will one day inherit a fortune of £315 million from his family who owns Alnwick Castle which was used as the setting for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the ‘Harry Potter’ films. Their friendship blossomed into love at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by the Middleton Party, the source added.“Pippa sat herself next to George at supper and made sure she was hanging off his arm all night.

Pippa On Her Way To Work..." data-reactid="30"Pippa On Her Way To Work...

Pippa Middleton is reportedly dating wealthy earl George Percy, who will one day inherit a sprawling estate containing the real life Hogwarts castle.

We have a feeling photogs are on the prowl to get some fresh photos of these two, so some sort of evidence will hopefully be coming through shortly.

Matilda probably had more magic in the tip of her finger than poor Ron Weasley had in his broken wand, but we could totally see her going to Hogwarts.

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