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This was later echoed in an article from Duane Dudek in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on May 20, 2014, who credits Flo for inspiring a new trend of female commercial pitch people and cementing her legacy alongside Josephine and Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent's Madge the Manicurist.

In November 2014, Progressive Insurance aired its 100th ad featuring Flo and introduced other members of her family including her mom, dad, brother, sister, and grandfather.

And just think how fun it will be “help” each other as you swap outfits so often . created an adorable printable pack designed to keep your date night on track.

She created these simply sweet designs to perfectly complement your night.

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an event for single men and women to meet each other in a comfortable, low-pressure atmosphere. favoring or advocating progress or change, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

We’ve got everything you need to organize this exciting date night, including: The Progressive Date Night is perfect for any season and can be totally tailored to you and your spouse’s interests!

It’s the best date night for a couple that wants to pack as much fun as possible into one night!

You’ll also gain access to many other exclusive posts, articles, printables, and more that are created with your marriage in mind! If you want to join or simply try it out, get started for FREE with our Diva Central 7 Day Love Quest Challenge – just click the link at the bottom of this post!

As this date night progresses, you’ll change outfits five times – each time you change outfits, you’ll start a new activity and have a new course of your meal.

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