Pros cons dating single dad

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My ex has never been the very involved father during marriage; she traveled often and worked late regularly.When he was home, was usually only one person to serve.When interacting with children, which was brief and in middle of business calls and endless hours on computer.His playing time with them was just that, and responsibilities of parenting fell mostly on me.

I figured they had too much baggage from their failed marriage.My ex and I can have civil conversations about children, their schedules and needs, but it seems that we are on opposite sides. A single mother is a woman who had a child outside of any established ... All the arguments that are pro-dating/relationships post divorce are nothing ... Read from one dad's experiences about the challenges (and rewards) of ... One proven statistic about single fathers states that a single father tends to ...Now, I worry that a never-married woman has an entirely different kind of baggage – and it may be worse.So, here’s the question: Would you rather date a divorced woman or one who’s never been married?

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