Ps3devwiki validating flash

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if i don't hear about bugs i can't fix them ;) swizzy[at]is my e-mail if you have any bug reports to give or just wanna talk...

Hello guy I had downgrade alot of ps3 nand and nor, but with this COK-002 board it give me a headaches, all the ps3 that i had done with nand chip i took it off the board for read and write with tsop 48 progskeet 1.21 and all successful downgrade.

A PS3 NOR/NAND Dump Checker/Verifier NOTE: Nobody takes ANY responsibility for any false negative/false positive given by this app, the responsibilty that your dump is valid is YOURS and yours alone...

this tool should be treated as an easy way to make a quick check to see if it's at all worth looking closer at, to really verify your dump read the latest information here: You may use this tool any way you like, you may also use the code on this repo any way you like If you find any bugs let me know so i can fix them!

04...) So, etheir there is something missing from the wiki or it's f*cked up image... t=48432 dont post to the thread send it to the e-mail address put "att swizzy / bailescream" in the title thats your raw dumps before you joined them up @devilmod can you send your dumps to the dump check e-mail If a validation says 'warning' or 'danger' investigate it yourself manually using a hex editor, or contact somebody knowledgeable.Only corruption messages will show you the exact offset to look at, everything else won't so this is where you have to read/learn about it on the ps3devwiki. thanks i will email my dump to be check if possible [email protected] uk Hi @devilmod , I have a COK-002 with the SKU model identification error. And was the problem only with the data compiled from information found on "ps3devwiki (Validating flash dumps the section "Check metldr bootldr sizes")" as @Swizzy suggested could be the case. Is this a problem with app or do i need to fix dump if possible to fix dump.

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