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Speed updating is a lively, informal quick-fire way to tell people what you’ve been up to or potential opportunities for collaboration.

Prediction of NMR spectra was included for the first time in Mnova 6.0, yet it has been continuously improved from version to version in order to produce more robust and reliable results.

The ability to synthesize an NMR spectrum given its full spin system is a very powerful tool both for the analysis of complex 1H NMR as well as for teaching purposes (for instance, to simulate complex strong coupling patterns).

The very first release of Mnova with Spin Simulation capabilities was version 5.3.

This necessarily results in a high-level perspective on development. Not that it's The End, of course - surely there'll be bugs to fix and some Fun to add to the game. And in making it we've had to polish up a lot of rough bits - but knowing a hard deadline is approaching also helps clarify what is important and what is not.

The weekly development blog updates which discussed specific features each week can be found on the Gaslamp Games weblog or you can sign up for the mailing list for updates. And in doing that, we know the full scope of what we're dealing with in terms of game systems, which makes balancing for the release a viable goal - so much of that was done. Aside from many important fixes, one of the more interesting systems given some attention with colonists is traits.

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