Scott storch dating lil kim

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Cool," he is waving his arms and driving an adoring crowd into a frenzied state as lasers flash and semi-clad dancers writhe in time to the music. Outside Mansion it's actually late afternoon, and aside from the throng around the DJ booth, the club is empty.

C.) Keep putting your lighters up (Philadelphia) Put your lighters up (Detroit) Put your lighters up (Chi-town) Keep putting them lighters up No matter where you from, put your lighters up [Verse 2] Now, let me give you a walk through Show you what to do and you don't do Where it's not safe to go to Them boys approach you Better say quick who you close to Don't come through if niggas don't know you Cuz' people is talking The streets is watching The G's is lurking Stash the nine in the garbage The life of a hustler The life of a gambler Dice game, kill more niggas than cancer You know who you fuck with Brooklyn don't run, we run shit Roll up and just bumrush shit We don't play that Out in Bk, not at all, for a pound leave your face on the wall R. P in memory of, Never show thy enemies love We get it on where we live You better have a pass, when you cross that bridge Welcome to Brooklyn [Hook] [Bridge] Damn homie I'm so tore And I don't think I'm ever gone smoke no more And I don't think I'm ever gone drink no more But fuck it bartender you can give me one more (We in the club like) Damn homie I'm so tore (Lighting the dutch like) And I don't think I'm ever gone smoke no more (Passing the bub like) And I don't think I'm ever gone smoke no more (Back at the bar like) Fuck it bartender you can give me one more [Verse 3] See, BIG done told you I'm the hottest bitch on the planet Biggest sex symbol, since Janet The Zanotti bandit Laying in the cut like a bandage Come through Fulton St.

After a white-hot career making hits for Beyonce, Chris Brown, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake -- he wrote and produced nearly a dozen Billboard Hot 100 top 10s between 20 -- Storch self-destructed in a spectacular and very public way.

Thanks to a monstrous cocaine habit and a profligate lifestyle, he burned through much of a million fortune (he earned a reported million in 2006 alone, on par with Kanye West and Pharrell Williams that year) and alienated the labels, managers and artists who had helped make him rich.

On a scorching Wednesday in August in Miami Beach, Scott Storch is blasting a new dance track of his from the elevated DJ booth at Mansion nightclub.

Puffing on a Marlboro Red and dressed in designer jeans, spotless white Louis Vuitton sneakers and a gray Diesel T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Mr.

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