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But, we don’t have enough time.” Later (in a segment about the U. Let’s see how that works out: And, if they behave wonderfully, that’s fine.” Sounding as if she were still on rather than a real news show, Katherine sarcastically queried, “Was that kind of a joke? It’s always hard to tell is why I don’t know why he makes jokes.

Very nice guy, but was he actually saying that we should send refugees to Martha’s Vineyard?

…Even if he’s annoyed by the liberals, I don’t think that he should want terrorists there…Whenever he makes a joke…I’m always just sitting there like “Whah?

” Coming to the defense of her former colleague, Kimberly riposted, “You’re not getting a Christmas card from him for sure!

Levy was also asked to join Gutfeld's new blog "The Daily Gut." Later Levy was asked by Gutfeld to join him in a new Fox News program.

The original name, Wasteland, was selected because the show was about "a land of waste" and meaninglessness.

In response, Katherine exclaimed, “I don’t think anyone likes her: I don’t like her! ” When the camera panned from a seemingly clueless Katherine to an incredulous Dana, it caught Dana clenching her teeth, arching her eyebrows, and clenching her arms tightly.

Instead of tweeting a single thing in support of the Jewish victims of non-stop HAMAS missiles and rockets raining over Israel, FOX News’ Andy Levy morally equated Israel with HAMAS on Twitter, Thursday.

(And some of his fellow idiots retweeted it.) And after I tweeted about it to the JIDF, which called him on it, the insecure, frosted-haired Liliputian Jew In Name Only (JINO) Levy attacked me on Twitter (follow me on Twitter). And he cowardly, quietly deleted his tweet (which I copied and saved for you, above), without apology because this is what he still believes. And that just kills the easily riled, thin-skinned, unfunny so-called comedian.

In addition to comparing Israel to HAMAS, Andy Levy thinks those threats are funny, too.

Yup, Roger Ailes employs this self-hating, shorter, blond-streaked Rachel Maddow lookalike.

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