Second life login failed updating friends list

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One should never fall into such kind of traps especially when you are starting your career in consulting.

Special thanks goes out to Adeon Writer, Cale Flanagan, Damian Zhaoying, Deltek Minotaur, Diva Canto, Eva Darkwyr, Fritigern Gothly, Gamer Expert, Melissa, Mi Vo, Nomade Zhao, Pure Bluestar, Router Gray, Shamara Henley, Tazy Scientist, Yanew S, and all our other testers and bug reporters, and everyone who sends in crash reports, and you, yes you, you took the time to read through this, so thank you for caring!

Lastly, we’d like to dedicate this release in memory of Latif Khalifa (lkalif), who has contributed so much to this and other viewers and opensource metaverse projects, like his own Radegast viewer, libomv, and Open Sim.

Not just within the Second Life platform, to allow residents to use the content. “Linden Lab respects the proprietary rights of Second Life’s content creators,” he said.

“We regret that our intention in revising our Terms of Service to streamline our business may have been misconstrued by some as an attempt to appropriate Second Life residents’ original content.” However, the actual Terms of Service have not yet been changed to reflect that clarification.

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