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Her most famous web series, "Does This Thing Really Work?

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Here, you’ll find the complete set of rules for organizing a TEDx event, from start to finish.

The rules are non-negotiable and mandatory for all TEDx event organizers.

Mota was a contestant on the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars USA and was the first ever contestant of online fame to be featured on the show, making it to the finals before being eliminated in 4th place.

Then, the editor of Triple Pundit, a website that covers sustainable business and the Triple Bottom Line, published a commentary under the headline “Stanford Business Students Release Ill-Conceived, Mysogynistic Music Video.” “This video promotes gender stereotypes and sexual harassment — issues one would hope Stanford students and faculty would be actively working against in the classroom,” wrote Editor Jen Boynton, who has an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio Graduate School. ’ “While the students were most assuredly ‘just trying to be funny’ and ‘didn’t mean any harm,’ that’s simply not good enough for those who aim to lead organizations for change,” added Boynton. Retorted professor Dauber via Twitter: “Um, ‘No really, sweetheart, this will be funny if you act like a sex object on a video that will live forever on the internet.’ But then it disappeared–at last off the website and now off of You Tube.

Some You Tube personalities have corporate sponsors, such as Polaris, who pay for product placement in their clips or production of online ads. The following is a list of famous You Tubers, organized alphabetically by first name.

Following Idol, Noriega became a You Tube personality, performing skits as himself, in drag as Adore Delano, or as her other character, Angel Baby.

Critics, including a Stanford University Law professor, claim the broadcast is degrading to women and portrays what could be considered a hostile environment.

The slick and highly-produced video, set to Petros & Sol’s Unfinished Business, has since been removed from the GSB Show website.

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