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My phone gave a satisfying bing as a new message from Ok, the ubiquitous free online dating site, popped onto the screen: "Lime Green Robot is checking you out!

" Apparently Lime Green Robot liked what he saw, and sent me a message asking an important question to consider before even contemplating a first date: "Who is your favorite superhero?

According to the Centre for Disease control 19% of all Americans smoke, so if non-smokers prefer to date other non-smokers then smokers are searching on a dating market that is roughly one quarter of the size of the non-smoking dating market.

The marriage data suggests that people do tend to end up with people who have similar smoking habits as themselves.

With thousands of dating sites out there how do you know which one to use?

We Love Dates have created their own range of dating sites for all types of people, as well as reviewing some of the leading names in the dating world.

When markets are thin, there are few buyers and sellers and so it is difficult to achieve an equilibrium in which buyers and sellers can settle on a price at which they both want to trade and few transactions take place.

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This little insight into the psychology of women may inspire you to make one of the most important decisions in your life: kicking your smoking habit.Our members include CEO's, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs athletes and models, actresses and attractive single women.If you have a taste for luxury and will only settle for the best of the best, you'll fit right in.A recent study on lying in dating profiles found that the characteristic that people reported being most dishonest about is their smoking habits.Unlike other qualities that people might be dishonest about, like adding an inch to their height or taking five pounds off their weight, there are real costs to being in a relationship with a smoker (particularly in terms of health), costs that non-smokers can simply avoid by finding themselves a non-smoking partner.

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