Speed dating fast impressions

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Speed dating in Wellington is a fantastic way to meet new people, and there’s a thriving scene in the area.

If you are thinking about trying it for the first time, or if you’ve tried it before, but just want make your experience more successful, then try implementing a few simple tips at your next event. If fitness is important to you, then try visiting an event aimed at fitness enthusiasts.

This event was similar to traditional speed dating, but with a twist.

Instead of daters sitting at tables, they met their potential matches in the backseat of eleven different Chevy cars, ranging from an electric model, The Chevrolet Volt, to a luxury sedan, the Cadillac SRX.

Dating 10 guys or gals in the one night doesn't have to be an elaborate scheme, involving several restaurants, an equal number of outfit changes, and a friend in the wings with a list of excuses for you to leave early in case things get awkward. You can find people that match your preferences, you get to meet them straight away, work out if you like them or not, see if there's any kind of spark, and then you can take it straight away from there." Sydney is often considered the capital for speed dating in Australia, but Melbourne is right on its heel.

Justin Parfitt, founder and CEO of Fast Impressions Speed Dating, says it's an effective way of meeting a potential partner.

Some singles who look for love in Los Angeles face certain challenges.

Meeting strangers at a bar rarely leads to lasting love, trying to date within your social circles can be difficult if you already know everyone, and online dating can be as time consuming as a full-time job. Chevrolet partnered with Speed LA Dating to form the Chevrolet Drive N’ Date.

Sip cocktails as you socialize with your beau to be.

88% of men would date a nurse, compared to only 69% of women.

Similarly, airhostesses were considered twice as dateable as female pilots.

Don’t go overboard, however, with smiling and eye-contact, as you don’t want to make your date uncomfortable.

If you are nervous, then your date will pick up on it.

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