Speed dating makati february 2016 remington firearms dating

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As quoted by Telu Event’s past participant, “[The] speed dating was not just for romantic purposes but it also paved way for new friends. ” Speed daters are mostly professionals who want to meet more people, given that they usually lack the time to expand their network because of busy schedules.

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), commonly referred to by its acronym EDSA, is a limited-access circumferential highway around Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Once those 3 minutes are up, you’ll move on to the next in line.

If you’ve been dying to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey on February 14, or an avid fan of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel, you wouldn’t want to miss Telu Events’ Speed Dating for Valentine’s day.

Two weeks ago, I got invited by one of the many speed dating event organizers in the country, Date Unlimited. I have this YOLO attitude in life and what that means is that I have adopted the idea that if you want to try something, then by all means try it at least once.

If you ended up liking it (and it’s not bad for you) then what a blessing it is for discovering something new.

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