Stop ipod from automatically updating

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With automatic downloads, every app, e Book, audiobook, and song you download on one device will automatically download on all others with the feature enabled.

It can be a huge time saver if you know you're going to want to use or access any of that content across multiple i OS devices.

It is the automatic downloading of i OS updates that is the problem, because my data gets unintentionally used. (Settings -Looks like I can't post an answer, so here's my comment: i OS now downloads point release updates in the background when your i Pad is plugged in and charging. This happens regardless of whether you have automatic updates turned off.

How do I turn off the automatic downloading of i OS updates? It has rightly made many people angry, as control has been taken away by Apple.

I do not know how to turn off the automatic downloading of i OS updates. I don't have details on how small they are though.

All of the answers I get on the Apple Support Communities tell me that i OS updates are not installed, only downloaded. What is you mobile data use showing for Software updates?

The latest versions of i OS automatically remind users, frequently, to install whatever awaiting version of i OS is available for their i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch.

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But can you stop i OS software update notifications and reminders from constantly popping up on your i Phone or i Pad? This is probably not what you’re wanting to hear, but there isn’t a perfect way to stop i OS software updates from pestering you about an available update.I have a data plan for all of my smartphones, computers, and tablets, so I have to be very careful staying within my allotted usage.When I discovered that my i Pad downloaded a 3 GB software update (not apps, the i OS update), I am not happy.Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since 2003.He has been published in The Gazette, DTR and ZCom.

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